Evolution of Barcamp

The evolution of the unconference in general and barcamp in specific carries on this year. While many larger cities have outgrown the general BarCamp structure, more narrowly-focused barcamp-style unconferences seem to be taking place daily worldwide. From CrisisCamp to TransparencyCamp to HealthCamp and WikiLeaks Unconferences there seems to be no topic or field of interest that isn’t tackled by some unconference at some point, somewhere.
barcamp-logo-final via tantek (@t)
There are plenty of unconferences, unconference-like events and “camps” in Los Angeles as well. But given the breadth and depth of talent and brains across many niches in this here great basin of sunshine, there’s always room for more. BarcampLA-8 is a throwback to the roots of unconferences — there is no general topic, everyone is a participant, let’s share cool stuff and have a blast.

Nearly 400 campers are expected to take part on April 30 – May 1 at Mount Washington Elementary, just north of downtown LA. I’d love to see campers grow inspired to organize many more niche, focused, barcamps and hopefully the sessions and interaction of BarcampLA-8 will prove again that anyone can organize an unconference on any topic in any part of town.

What are your fave things about Barcamp?

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  • http://noisychaos.com/ Nick

    This might be a silly question but is there a Facebook group for Barcamp LA? It seems like everyone spends their life there now.

    • http://twitter.com/andysternberg Andy Sternberg


      • http://noisychaos.com/ Nick

        Ah ok, Facebook search didn’t come up with anything. It would probably be good to put that link and the event page link in a prominent place.