barcampla-8 needs you

barcampla is brought to you by volunteers.  Volunteers with work duties and families.  Volunteers that get sick and go out of town.  In short, people just like your selves.

And we need your help to make the event a success.  Both in the weeks and days leading up to the event and on the weekend, we need your help.  Plus if you are maybe grumbling under your breathe about buying a ticket (egads!), this is you big chance to attend the event for free.  Plus we might even have some cool ‘unorganizer’ shirts.

And what help do we need?  Here is a quick list.  If nothing on here is interesting, drop us a line anyways and we can probably find something for you.

before the event

  • coordinating sponsors
  • getting the food trucks lined up
  • graphics design for the tee shirts
  • obtaining our ‘office supply’ needs
  • etc.

during the event we will need people to:

  • pickup fruit/coffee/donuts for breakfast
  • direct parking
  • man the registration table
  • be a resident A/V geek
  • be a resident networking geek (Clear wimax we are guessing)
  • help setup the event grid
  • refill snack and ice
  • etc.

See you there!

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  • scott

    One thing I forgot. This venue is a elementary school so maybe someone wants to bring back those 4th grade memories arrange some morning games of horse or freeze tag?

    We also have a piano inside, so if someone can play during our breakfast times and lunch breaks that would be superb.

  • James Cooper

    I’m always good to volunteer. Manned the registration desk last time out as well as helping with setup and teardown, could do that and more again.

  • huxley

    how do we sign up to volunteer?

    • Andy Sternberg

      good call! I’ll embed a Google form in this post later today.

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  • Will

    Just filled out your application. Might want to lock it down a bit, once submitted I am able to see others’ contact information.

    • Andy Sternberg

      Thanks. I’ll make sure the doc is closed.

  • huxley

    new question:
    already signed up to volunteer, do we just go to the barcamp and say we
    came to volunteer or will we get an email with instructions?