Tickets info

Yes, you read that right ‘tickets’.  Seriously, what the what?

Here is the deal: these events cost money.  Period.  Full stop.

In the past, generous sponsors have enabled barcampla to be a free event.  You may have noticed the economy is not all that happy, so getting free cash from companies is tough.  Especially since it has been a while since the last barcampla.  This event should (fingers crossed) break even with $35 tickets.  If not, some organizers are going to be left owing money all over town.  If we are super successful, we will use the funds to kickstart another barcamp later this year.  So please spread the word and get your tickets now because the 19th will be here before you know it.

Oh and by the way, you will *still* get a cool barcampla shirt and we are arranging for some killer food trucks for lunch and dinner.

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