Register Now for BarCampLA 8 – April 30 – May 1

Barcamp is back in Los Angeles. Please join us the weekend of April 30 – May 1 for BarCampLA-8!

Ticket price includes:

  • Two days of Barcampy goodness
  • T-shirt
  • Snacks and drinks
  • More developing

Why are we charging money?

It’s been a challenge to get barcamp back in Los Angeles for some time. Events have real costs and sponsors are a lot of work to find. The host team decided to bootstrap this barcamp by charging for the weekend. Rest assured all monies collected will be used to produce the event and any overage will be used to bootstrap Barcamp 9! We want Barcamp to come back strong -and it will with the support of our amazing community. We are working on financial hardship assistance and volunteer options if you can not afford the full amount of $35.

Your Hosts

  • Scott Kelley
  • Andy Sternberg
  • Alexander Valenzuela
  • Evonne Heyning
  • Heathervescent
  • and others
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