Howdy BarCampers!

We’re just 24 hours or so away from the awesomeness that will be BarCamp LA 7! We wanted to take this post to tell you about our sponsors, who have helped to make this upcoming BarCamp ROCK!!!

First off, we’d like to thank our venue sponsor, OTX Research, who have lended us a really cool venue that we think you’ll really like. Good space, great rooms for talks, we think you’ll love it!

Our Media Sponsor is TechZulu, SoCal’s favorite news source for all the latest on the pulse of the LA Tech Scene! They’ll be on site getting some great BarCampLA content!

Top Level sponsor’s include:

Other sponsors include:

Last but not least, our party sponsors, who’ve provided drinks and such for the night festivities include:

So while enjoying your BarCamp fun this weekend, if you happen to see or meet any of these great sponsors, make sure to tell them thanks for helping make BarCamp happen!!!

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  • http://www.planetc1.com/ Michael D

    Thanks Chris, we love sammiches!

    Seriously, you guys work so hard on these events, I hope the efforts are not under appreciated by attendees. Very excited about BarCamp7 in Culver City.