The Saturday Set-Up Crew

Hey BarCampers! Looking forward to this weekend? We are!

Because there are drinks to be iced, breakfast to be arranged, cars to be unloaded, signs to be made and hung, chairs to distribute and so much more, we need a crew of people to show up and help us out.

For the early birds, we’ll provide some food and sweet, glorious coffee. One of the added bonuses of doing this is that you’ll get to know a few people a little better before the Camp starts. So if you’re new to BarCamp, this could be a great way to ease yourself into getting to know people.

It’s also an easy way of contributing if you’re feeling too shy to do a talk… ;)

Anyhow, if you want to pitch in, show up at the venue on Saturday morning around 9:00 AM and we’ll put you to work. And try to put your name on the volunteer list on the wiki if you have a minute.

This event couldn’t happen without the folks who are awesome and help out — so hopefully we’ll see plenty of faces bright and early on Saturday morning!

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