We Can Has A Suggestion Box?

Man, this weekend was awesome, right? The feedback I’ve been seeing so far has appeared to be universally positive, and that’s great. I know that both Crystal and I are working on recaps of this weekend’s events and after we’ve had a few days to digest things fully, I’m sure they’ll get posted here and to the Google Group.

Anyhow, after seeing a few people drop feedback to the list and such, I’ve gone ahead and started a page on the wiki for ideas and suggestions. This should give everybody a central, open place to let us know how we can make BarCampLA better for everyone.

So please, get your ideas up there! And feel free to add your name and a +1 to the ones on the list that you like. The more popular ones should hopefully be a snap to implement and will (*fingers crossed*) make things better for everyone involved.

Thanks again for another great BarCamp, folks!

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  • http://michaellambie.org Michael Lambie

    boogah. nice to solicit feedback. i put a few ideas. can’t wait for the next one!