LA's spin on SuperHappyDevHouse

Hi folks,

It’s been suggested that it’s high time we took this awesome budding tech community we have here and actually *do* something with it. We think that sounds like a good idea all around.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with SuperHappyDevHouse, you might want to start reading there for what this is all about. This is not a BarCamp, this is not a conference at all; this is a monthly opportunity for people to get together, learn from each other, and get stuff done.

We set up to get initial name feedback and start gauging interest. Once we have a name, we’ll move planning over to a dedicated wiki on that domain name. (and link to it from here).

But first, we need a name. Please do review the spirit of the event and think about what you’d actually like to do at one of these before voting.

The poll on the right contains all the submitted names so far. Please select your top three. We’ll keep voting open for a week. If you have last minute inspiration for a name, go ahead and email me and we’ll add it to the poll.


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  • the daniel

    This would be great – a techie hangout without the marketdroids and bizdev zombies!

  • Michael Lambie

    I think we should consider the work Scouts for superhappyLA.


    merit badges much?

    thoughts suggestions?