Hitchhiker's Guide to BarCampLA

So it’s BarCamp Eve and I just wanted to share a few things with all of you so that everyone can get the most out of what’s looking to be one really fun event. Please forward to anyone you think is coming who isn’t on this list.


1218 Long Beach Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021. [Google Maps]

You’re most likely to find it by turning onto 14th from Alameda, then making a right on Long Beach Ave. If you haven’t been before, yes, this is in the warehouse district near Downtown Los Angeles. The building isn’t well marked, but we’ll have the doors open and signs up.

We have paid for secure parking in the lot across the street, though some street parking is available. Please park in the lot if you’re staying overnight. Yes, this area is relatively safe. Your car should be fine here, but please do use some common sense and hide valuables, etc. You know the drill. We’ve never had an incident at this venue and we’d like to keep it that way.


Please stop by the registration desk and sign-in and get a name badge. We’ve gotten the kind that hang around your neck so you can keep it for both days. Please bring it back for Sunday, we don’t have enough to replace.


We said 11am, we *mean* 11am. There are lots of reasons you’ll want to wake up early (?) and come see us. We’ll have Peets coffee and some breakfasty things if you’re just getting your day started. It’s a great chance to hang out and meet people before the talks start, Session slots will be starting to fill then, and we want you to get to know the space. Also, we have a really yummy lunch planned for Saturday and it’s all free. We’re planning to eat and then do intros as people finish munching then roll promptly into sessions, so please get there early, enjoy the food and the company and help us get started on time.

Intros will be short this year or people will be Gong’d. Either way, you win,

Saturday Evening
We’ve got a lovely dinner (by the way, all BarCampLA meals will have carnivore, vegetarian, and vegan options, and we don’t just mean side dishes), an awesome keg of local Craftsman beer, some very special visiting guests, PPT Karaoke, video games, and great company. It’s worth sticking around for, so we hope to see you there.

BarCamp After Hours
See Jason’s previous post about Camping. Do it! (just remember your phone charger, deodorant, and your toothbrush, pls) Please remember that our beloved Little Radio Warehouse gets cold at night and prepare accordingly.

P.S. Dan Tentler… no camp stove is the right answer, though agreeably less awesome. ;)

Time Change!
Remember it.

10am Breakfast. More yummy coffee. Breakfast foods. Sleepy campers. Come early and see us.

Please plan to hang around a little extra while after the closing to help clean up. With 30-40 people helping, it’s like a tornado in reverse and we get done in no time. It’s great.

Sunday Dinner with RMS

Also, immediately post BarCamp, we’ll be hosting a group dinner with guest, Richard Stallman, aka RMS, founder of the Free Software Foundation and author of the GNU Public License. We’ll have room for about 50 people and it’s very close to the BarCamp venue. It’s open invite and if you want to come, come see us at the event and we’ll have a list. (pls do not email us for this)

General Tips

  • Bring surge protectors and extension cords if you’ve got ‘em. Keep them in your car unless we need them, but good to have extras.
  • Rehearse your talks and leave room for questions.
  • Don’t plan on having wi-fi for your talk. You probably will, but make screenshots and such just in case.
  • Be kind on the wi-fi. No torrenting or huge, full-size flickr uploads, please. Share the bandwidth, share the love.
  • Share and be helpful
  • Shirts are free, but please don’t take more than one for yourself.
  • Please don’t bring anything illegal. It’s not that we care, necessarily, but we would like to not get shut down over anything silly.
  • No, you don’t have to speak, but we’d hope, if you’re there, that you have something to share. This is a good place to come out of your shell.
  • Follow BarCampLA on Twitter for updates. If you have Twitter sending updates to your phone, you might also want to use their track feature to keep tabs on a few keywords (barcampla, bcla, barcamp) while the event is going on.

Props and Conduct

Lastly, Thank you to Everyone who has emailed in the last two days offering help.

Above all, the best thing people can do is to just do whatever you see that needs doing. No one is going to mind if anyone, ANYONE takes out the trash or steps in to help set up lunch (just wash your hands in between). There are a million tiny things that have to happen at an event like this and it’s impossible to schedule out all of them, so we’re not going to try. Larger cons have event staff for this stuff, but we have BarCampers. Just be ‘active’ and help out wherever you see and we should all have a good time.

Oh, there’s also a copy of our “Code of Conduct” you ought to read over. Nothing surprising there, but it’s been linked for reference.

Sleep well, BarCampers and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Crystal and Jason,
Your BarCampLA Un-Organizers

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