BarCampLA 3, Wow.

First off, I can happily report that nothing caught fire that wasn’t supposed to. Everything after that is a bonus, right?
If you didn’t join us at Little Radio Warehouse this weekend, you missed dozens of amazing sessions, many of which I tried to document here, powerpoint karaoke, which shall live in infamy, some damn fine thai food, and the best group of geeks in Los Angeles.

if you want to check out more pics, Click Here.

Audio files from Belkin will be posted and linked soon. Also, i’ll be posting up my microformats and wordpress session talks (PDFs of the presentaions – or maybe just some articles). We’re working on a page to pull together everyone’s materials at Please link up your own materials there. At the very least, list up your sessions with your name and your site so people can go and give you mad props for your awesome presentation.

Powerpoint_KaraokeI’m really proud of a lot of things that happened at this camp. While BarCamps in every city are a different mix, LA has a really fantastic group of eclectic interests. Topics ranged from Mapping the Homeless problem in Downtown LA to Fighting Speeding Tickets to Culinary Q&A with a trained Chef. Of course we had the usual run of web2.0 and Open-source software talks as well, but for those of us who are already getting enough tech in our daily diets, it’s really refreshing to go talk about other things with smart people. The fact that so many people really felt comfortable presenting non-techie talks at Barcamp says, to me, that we’re doing something really right here in Los Angeles.

I have to give a real, honest shout-out to our sponsors who make it this whole mess possible. Seriously, we get money and donations, and it’s pretty much no strings attached because all of these companies “get it” that there is real value in just being a part of this community. Thank you all so much for making it possible for us to host this event and feed and t-shirt 100+ people for free. It’s an amazing service to be able to provide, and we’re proud to do it and thrilled that you are too.

  • Little Radio – The *home* of BarCampLA.
  • Disney – Rock on with PoohCamp this year!
  • Microsoft – Thanks for being such a great support of BarCamp, and not just financially.
  • AOL – Thanks again, guys!
  • Yahoo – You guys have supported us for all three BarCamps in LA. Thanks for sticking with us!
  • Snap – Thanks for jumping in!
  • ooVoo – Thanks!
  • Belkin – Can I say it any better than this? You guys have been absolutely amazing to us (and many barcamps elsewhere). We’ve never lacked for routers, powerstrips, or new, fun toys. Plus the audio devices (so cool!) and the audio hosting…. I could go on, but really, thank you.
  • 3jane – Thanks for jumping in on this! And esp for the link!
  • Sisu – My dear Sisu. As if putting up with me for the weeks before Barcamp wasn’t enough, you threw down with the sponsorship as well. Thank you Uncle Sisu!
  • General Mayhem – Thanks!
  • Internet Brands – Thanks guys! Hey – they’re hiring. (Go Look)
  • Demand Media- Thanks so much! It was a blast to hang out as well!
  • Twiistup – Thanks and good luck with *your* event!
  • speakTECH – Thanks!
  • Buzznetfirst sessionThanks for coming out and joining us! And much thanks for the vodka. :-)

I could spend the rest of the day thanking everyone who made this happen, but I think my company wouldn’t like that very much and this post is already less than timely. So here goes, in no particular order:

  • Mack Reed for running around all day sunday doing the (usually gross) small stuff that keeps the wheels turning at an event like this. Everytime I turned around, he was taking out the trash or cleaning something, and he was the last one there mopping on Sunday night. I just wanted to make sure to say thanks for a usually thankless task. It was much appreciated.
  • Woody Pewitt – It’s not often you see one of your key sponsors wielding a mop at 8:30am. Thanks for being there to help on so many levels.
  • Everyone who worked the registration desk at all. Without you, we wouldn’t have gotten to see any of the talks.
  • Jimmy Brayl of Little Radio – Man, you’ve really been key to making these things happen and run smoothly. Way more than just the average venue sponsor. I really can’t imagine having BarcampLA anywhere else. Thanks for putting up with us and putting in all the crazy extra work to keep the plates spinning.
  • TV – Powerpoint karaoke was a stroke of genius.
  • To everyone who blogged usMetroblogging LA, Laughing Squid, BoingBoing, and so many others, OMS Thank you! Without you, we could never get the word out for these events.
  • Bonnie – Thanks so much for rocking the food again. It’s a bigger job than anyone wants to admit and you did a great job with it (again!).
  • Jennifer – Wow, lady, thanks so much for picking up the publicity end of things. 140 sign-ups! w00t!
  • Jason – Dude. From the late-night t-shirt brainstorming to the blog linkage magic to wrangling the ridiculous farm of BarcampLA web presences to actually thinking my twitters are funny, you’re a key reason why nothing caught fire this weekend and we all lived to tell the tale. Thanks. Onward to BarcampLA-4. That’s Son of Barcamp, right?
  • Heather – It is often a thankless task, but that doesn’t mean people don’t notice and appreciate all you’ve done for the LA community. From the geek dinners to 3 BarCamps, you’ve done so much to foster a real, live (and kicking!) tech community here in the land of Range Rovers and Casting Calls and we appreciate it. Thanks for the past year of service, we promise we’ll take good care of BarCampLA as you pass the torch. Thanks for everything, it’s been one cackling good time.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, feel free to give me hell. It was a blast guys and gals, srsly. I wouldn’t trade this community for the world.

Jason’s Note: This was crossposted from Crystal’s own blog, If it’s not already in your feed reader of choice, go add it!

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  • chris holland

    I’d like to chime-in with ExtraSpecialLove™ to Belkin and the Belkin Dudes. They’ve brought financial, logistical and human support to every Barcamp, *and* they make really useful hardware.

    I’ve owned one of their UPS power backup towers for 1 1/2 years now ( this one i think or one of its predecessors: ) and it’s been top-notch, keeping all the geekstuff running thru numerous power outages.