Virtual BarCampLA

If you can’t make it down to Little Radio this weekend for the live version of BarcampLA, you can join us virtually. I’ll be using ooVoo to live stream several sessions, in addition to Breakfast with Dougie Fresh early Sunday morning. Dougie will be calling in from Hong Kong between 8 and 9am. Doesn’t that rawk?!

How to get on ooVoo?
– Download the application
– Create an account
– Ping me and let me know which sessions you want to attend – or if you want to give a session yourself from afar (g e e k a t h e a t e r v e s c e n t d o t c o m)

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  • J. Patrick Bedell

    Thanks for your work to make BarCamp LA happen!


  • josh haglund

    how ’bout mpeg4 over icecast2 with an IRC channel for interaction at next barcamp. VLC is free, open source and cross platform.

    ooVoo does’t have a mac client and it’s based on windows media. ick.