OMS! BarCamp LA 3 Is Next Weekend!

If Carmen’s post a few days ago made little sense to you, it’s probably because I’m a horrible monkey who hasn’t been flogging the fact that there’s a BarCamp going on next weekend at Little Radio like I should. In the event that you haven’t signed up already, please do us a favor and go add your name to the wiki when you have a minute.

Also, we’d really love it if y’all could help us get the word out. So if you’re planning on going, please (and that’s of the pretty variety, with sugar on top!) mention it on your weblog or site. Crystal’s created some really nice badges that you can use to link the wiki or this site from the sidebar if you’d like. Check them out!

BarCamp LA 3, Grey
BarCamp LA 3, White

Smooth, aren’t they? Feel free to link them from here if you don’t want to bother eating up your bandwidth. We’ve got plenty to burn… ;)

Anyhow, we hope to see a whole bunch of old faces and a lot of new ones in a little over a week!

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  • James Cooper

    Woot, going to be my first barcamp and I’m really looking forward to it. Trying to convince my boss to slap together some presentation on one of our technologies too. Now, to get about putting those badges up on my blogs.