Dispatches From uWink

I promised that I’d have a few videos up from our visit to uWink once Revver processed them — so here they are!

First up, Revver’s resident Python genius TV peruses the menu and plays around with the options. I don’t think he ever ordered that chicken sandwich tho…

Next up, Bino plays a quick tile matching game. He was playing on the “expert” setting, so don’t hold the loss against him, okay?

I’ve also upped some photos from the evening over at Flickr. Feel free to check out the set when you’ve got a second.

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  • michael

    I love that you titled your flickr set ‘MiniBar’ that makes me happy

  • http://gominosensei.org/ Jason Cosper

    Well, that’s the next topic that’s up for disucssion. Do we continue to call them “Geek Dinners” or do we go with the sexier “MiniBar”?

    I’ll have to cook up a poll, I guess… ;)