Busting A Recap In That Ass

Mack has done an outstanding write-up of the weekend’s events that is totally worth your time. Check it out!

Never let it be said that geeks crave sleep. The same dozen-odd souls that were up last night bangin’ on the Nintendo at 2 a.m. were up this morning by 8, slathering Razzleberry jam on bagels, chugging coffee and rolling up the rattling metal door of the Little Radio warehouse. And no, I wasn’t wincing in my sleeping bag, I joined them.

The schedule’s full and the presentations are just getting started as the less-hardy geeks straggle in from their comfy beds out IRL.

If anyone else has written up their feelings or reflections on the weekend, please feel free to send them my way (boogah [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll try to work up a list of posts sometime this week.

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