$35 Video Camera Page and BarCamp YouTube Group

This weekend was a real blast for me. I had no idea that I would encounter such a diverse set of people and projects at BarCamp LA. I’ll never forget the werewolf game, the truly awesome 1 second film, watching PhD’s hack logo, getting GTDominated by mistress chi chi and hanging out with such a cool set of people.

I didn’t get a lot of people’s contact info, but if we talked (or even if we didn’t) don’t hesitate to drop me a note at pete thethingyabovethetwokey maruronic dot com.


The smiles on everyone’s face when they hacked their camcorders were priceless. I worked all evening documenting the project. If you made a camera, please drop a comment or better yet, upload a video shout out using your new camera.

Hack, Shoot, Upload – How to Make a $35 Digital Video Camera

The Official BarCamp LA Youtube Group

Here’s how it works:
1. Upload a video to youtube
2. Be sure to tag it “BarCampLA”
3. Add it to the BarCampLA group.

(If you shoot it with the camera I helped you hack, please tag it 35videocamera too!)

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