You Know What Would Be Sweet?

Sponsors, that’s what. To keep this whole thing thing free for the folks attending — and as low cost as possible for the folks organizing things ;) — we’re looking for companies to pitch in and cover meals, parking, etc. But don’t think that we’re going to take your money and give you nothing in return. Check out some of the benefits that we offer our sponsors…

  • As a sponsor, you’ll have your name listed on the event wiki and site, and we’ll thank you at the beginning and end of the conference.
  • You can say a few words before a meal you sponsor, if you like.
  • You’ll have your company’s name associated with a hip, underground techie event, earn the goodwill and attention of 100 or so Californian alpha geeks in attendance, and countless others scattered across the country via the internet.

So companies, if you’ve got a modest amount of money burning a hole in your pocket and this sounds like something you’d like to do, contact barcamp at reemer dot com.

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