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Barcamp LA 8 Financials

The Barcamp Org team wants to be transparent with our numbers, and we’ve finally had a chance to reconcile the expenses for Barcamp LA 8. The good news is: all our costs were covered and we even have a surplus of $992.80. This money will be used to produce Barcamp LA 9.

As someone watching the ticket sales, getting sponsors and managing the budget, it was not obvious we would come out in the black until a few days before the event. We got some last minute sponsors and there were a fair number of last minute and on-site ticket sales.

Most importantly to note, this event would not have happened without the ticket sales. From the Income data below, you can see that ticket sales were 60% of the income.


Square was the onsite ticket sales.  We had a total of 8 sponsors ranging from individuals who gave $100 to companies donating up to $500. Tickets cost anywhere from $25 to $55. People who bought tickets when we planned to have the event back in January for $35 were offered a second ticket at no extra cost as a thank you for their support. We did refund tickets for those who asked – and there were several people who did request this. Many people waited until the last minute to buy tickets – making the logistics more difficult – but also allowing us to cover costs and add lunch (pizza) both days.

Now let’s look at the expenses. Because of the venue we selected (Mt Washington Elementary School) we did not have to pay for Insurance – usually a $700+ cost, but the trade-off was crummy Internet.


Because of the last minute ticket sales and sponsorship, we were able to add sponsored breakfast both mornings and a lunch of pizza’s both days. We had really wanted to provide meals, but our earlier budgets did not allow. When we saw (the day before Barcamp) we would have enough funds for lunch, we added it.

All in all the organizers were very happy that Barcamp LA 8 came out in the black. Since this was a successful event, we expect to be able to engage additional sponsors with the intention of lowering the cost or even making it free to attend. The organizers wish to thank each and everyone who bought a ticket. Your support really mattered in making this community event happen. We hope you will spread the word about BarcampLA 9 (not yet scheduled) and help us continue to have this community supported event in Los Angeles.

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the self-observation and reporting of conscious inner thoughts, desires and sensations

Now that barcampla-8 is over we want to take a moment to reflect back on what worked and what needs improvement.  So whether you came to the event or missed it, please take a moment to take this short survey.
If you are interested in helping plan the next barcampla, particularly if you can assist with securing a venue or being an organizer, drop us an email.
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